Quinoa, a nutritional power house.

by David Cascadden January 20, 2017

Quinoa, a nutritional power house.


Hi. Thanks for dropping by. So here’s the scoop.  For the next few weeks I’d like to share with you the ingredients we use in our blends and what nutritional benefits they offer, so up first on the LCR ingredient hit parade, Quinoa which is an ingredient in each of LCR’s raw whole-food shake blends.

The quinoa powder in your shake is organic and gluten free. Organic because it’s the right thing to do and gluten free because we want to be a product everyone can enjoy.

Quinoa powder is just ground quinoa seeds which contain an amazing line up of nutrients and is rich in fiber and protein containing all 9 essential amino acids.

Quinoa also contains a health store of minerals, vitamins and various beneficial antioxidants and is easily absorbed and utilized.

Rather than going into a dissertation, here are some links you can use to learn more about this nutritional power house of a seed.



Cheers. David.

David Cascadden
David Cascadden