Our Story


It sounds funny to say this now but growing up in the NW, Portland, I think we took water for granted. It was always there. Rain, snow, lakes, rivers and crashing Pacific waves at the coast where I spent my summers growing up.

Water is a living force and it taught us many lessons, the most important I think is respect.  Today I recognize a duty, as you do, to do my best to behave in a responsible manner in my relationship with it. Left Coast Raw is working with Clean water non-profits like Tillamook Estuary Partnership https://www.tbnep.org/  and the Coalition for the Deschutes  https://coalitionforthedeschutes.org/ to help fulfill our responsibility to the environment and show some respect to the living force that continues to shape my life.  

We started Left Coast Raw with the goal to make our shake blends similar in nutrition and taste to the smoothies you make at home in your blender with fresh fruits and vegetables. The challenge is providing you with comparable nutrient density and complexity in a powdered form you can easily make at home, at work or when you hit the road. Powdered fruits and vegetables require dehydration. Excessive heat during this process will compromise the nutritional benefit from the fruits or vegetables. Freeze drying maintains the native nutrient potency, taste and color characteristics. Freeze dried powders are more expensive to produce and cost more to use but if your goal is to provide maximum nutritional benefit then freeze-dried powders are what you use. Organic farming practices revive and restore nutrient rich soils and promote a healthy environment. Our shake blends are 90% organic with the goal of 100% soon.

This past summer, 2018, we became a Certified Benefit Corporation for Good in Oregon. Our first move was to eliminate our plastic tubs and replace them with commercial compostable food grade packaging. These pouches are much lighter to ship and we are able to use smaller boxes saving materials and fuel.  

We are vegan certified by Vegan.Org. and are gluten, soy and dairy free. All the vitamins and minerals in our blends are from the native plant source. We don’t fortify our blends or Nutrient Facts with isolated minerals or vitamins.

You know that shake you made at home with the fresh fruit and veggies? Did you add natural flavors, erythritol, acacia gum, creamer base, ascorbic acid or xantham gum?  Yeah, we don’t use any of that stuff either.

Get your day started and keep it going with our delicious raw, whole-food 100 % plant based shake blends.

Left Coast Raw is located in Bend Oregon where we hand craft each of our shake blends in our own facility. My primary responsibility and passion is sourcing the best ingredients and formulating our raw, whole-food blends. If I’m not at “world headquarters” or serving samples at one of the many events we sponsor, you’ll find me exploring the Left Coast wonderland where I grew up. Thanks,

David Cascadden.