B Corp | Annual Report

Benefit Corporation Annual Report.

Left Coast Raw LLC was established in 2014 and was certified by Benefit Corporations for Good as a benefit corporation in 2018.

Left Coast Raw makes meal replacement and sports endurance shake blends by mixing freeze dried fruit and vegetable powders and plant-based proteins. Our blends are gluten, soy and dairy free. We do not use additives, fillers, gums or added sugar. Our blends are sold in single serving, 12 and 20 serving pouches. Our products are available on line through our web site and in several stores in Oregon.

LCR operates out of a 1500 sq. foot commercial space in Bend Oregon. Constructed in the warehouse is a state certified clean room where our products are blended and packaged.


We believe that building strong relationships with our customers is how our best gets better.


We learn from Nature to promote vitality and well-being through environmentally responsible products.


We love to discover opportunities that align with our region’s eclectic, inclusive culture and spirit of possibility.

Employee Impact

Currently we have no employees. As we grow, we will need help in production. We plan to pay a very competitive wage and as we scale, offer other benefits such as group health and socially responsible (401) k plans.

Community Impact

Our products bring us in contact with a diverse cast of people and organizations. We are quite active on social media, Facebook and Instagram, where we support and share efforts by others that promote education, environmental awareness and social justice issues.

We attend several events throughout the year such as the Tour des Chutes which raises money for people with cancer in Central Oregon. We are a sponsor of the Tillamook Estuary Partnership who, for the last 25 years, has led the way to restore and maintain the Tillamook Bay water shed through environmental, educational and community activity programs.

We donate 1% of sales from our Dawn Patrol blend to Tillamook Estuary Partnership and 1% of sales from Berry Bliss to Coalition for the Deschutes. We use organic ingredients in our blends and buy from companies like Hempco in British Columbia and Puris Foods in Minnesota that exercise strong environmental and social conduct.

Environmental Impact

Growing up in Oregon and spending as much time in nature as we did, we were taught to be concuss of the choses we made. How will your behavior effect the environment you are moving through? I feel the need to answer the same questions as I navigate through the business environment.

We start by sourcing the cleanest ingredients available from environmentally responsible companies. Shipping has an enormous carbon foot print. We replaced plastic tubs with 100 % biodegradable pouches which are much lighter and require smaller boxes for shipping reducing fuel consumption.

Our products are 100% plant based and certified vegan therefor reducing our contribution to the green house effects of animal produced methane.

As we grow, we will work with companies that practice green distribution strategies.